Correcting cadastral registration errors made when dividing a capital construction property

Client:the real estate owner
Opposite party:Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (ROSREESTR)


Earlier, when dividing a facility of capital construction - non-residential building, two real estate facilities were formed and put on the state cadastral registration with the subsequent registration of the right of ownership. According to the law, when dividing a building, only premises are formed. However in this particular case an error occured. Instead of two seperate premises a building and a premise were registered, and the area of the premise was included into the overall area of the building.

The case

It is difficult to conduct a qualified cadastral procedure in this case since ROSREESTR are not in a hurry to admit their mistakes. We faced the task of changing the type of the capital construction facility from the building to the premise and changing its total area by eliminating the area of the second premise formed during the initial division. Illegal alterations were also identified. The CG experts conducted the adjustment of the registry and technical errors and legalized the alterations within the same appeal to ROSREESTR authority. 

Why is it of importance? 

Qualified assistance allowed the owner not to look for illegal ways out of the hopeless situation, as the owner himself assumed it, but to solve them by applying the subtleties of the law. In addition, due to the decrease in the area of the facility, the taxable base for the property tax of organizations were decreased.

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